And our people, through their passion and commitment to the Values of St John of God Health Care, who bring this to life, allow us to deliver on our pledge to provide the highest quality of health care.

Our approach to community relations embraces a number of levels including sponsorships, partnerships, philanthropy and various aspects of social and environmental responsibility.

A highlight is the St John of God Foundation, established in 1994 to support vital health, social welfare, community and pastoral care services, which recently has raised nearly $3 million towards a target of $5 million for a comprehensive cancer and cardiac care centre at St John of God Berwick Hospital.

Our commitment to community responsibility is indicated by support for community meals programs, educational support, donations for emergency humanitarian assistance and financial support for agencies supporting disadvantaged people.

During the past 12 months our social justice agenda took a strong advocacy position in addressing the inequity people with disability face in securing employment. It is hoped that by influencing public policy and supporting organisations to develop new systems, we can increase the opportunities for employment.

St John of God Health Care made a formal submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission nationwide inquiry Willing to Work: National Inquiry into Employment Discrimination Against Older Australians and Australians with Disability Report.

Our Social Outreach services, which aim to improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged people within our communities, are underpinned by two key themes: capacity building, which supports individuals and communities manage their own health and wellbeing in a more sustainable manner, and early intervention, which can minimise an issue before it becomes chronic.

As a demonstration of our leadership in arts and health, we encouraged the formation of the WA Arts and Health Consortium, a collaboration between St John of God Health Care as a private health care group with public hospitals, health consumers, arts advocates and government departments.

In line with our belief that the design of hospitals and facilities contributes to a welcoming, healing and stimulating environment, and is a critical aspect of our holistic care, architecture, landscape architecture, art and design were important considerations for all redevelopments and new hospitals.

Our need to be sustainable is intrinsically linked to our Catholic heritage. Our divisions continued to implement initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment with the focus predominately being on reducing waste.

We continue to benefit from the Energy Efficient Light Replacement project which has resulted in reducing our CO2 emissions by a staggering 2,775 tonnes per annum.

As an active community participant in the cities and suburbs, St John of God Health Care continues to partner with organisations that have similar aspirations and strategic goals. In 2015/16 we contributed $1,152,871 to sponsor a broad range of initiatives and organisations across a range of sectors.