Viva Voices, a singing and songwriting program at St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital, is a great example of the partnership-in-action and how it has had a positive impact on the wellbeing of patients and the broader hospital community.

Feedback about the program from patients, their visitors and caregivers has been overwhelming positive, with patients reporting positive changes in mood, reduced pain and an enhanced hospital experience.

Garry, a former patient of St John of God Frankston Rehabilitation Hospital said the Viva Voices program was exceptionally fun and brought a great sense of community to the hospital. Living with Parkinson’s disease, the program assisted in Garry’s speech therapy and voice training in an enjoyable and alternative way.

Singing with the support of the professional musician helped Garry to better pronounce his words, and speak confidently with others.

Garry was pleased with the way the program brought patients together and gave him the opportunity to build friendships with fellow patients. Garry said the program was an uplifting experience and an excellent initiative.

This partnership has also benefited the local Frankston community, with three local schools participating in the Musica Viva in Schools program. Through the program, students were able to develop their musical skills over a semester using specially developed music resources. They then participated in a special performance of ‘Amanska’ with the Musica Viva in Schools ensemble and will have the opportunity to perform and showcase their work at the hospital.