Investing in the technology, which has been installed at 10 of 11 of our hospitals, offers a greater level of care for patients and assists in bettering communication between doctors, clinicians and nurses.

The technology directly monitors the mother and her unborn baby and provides doctors with access to the foetal heart rate traces and other vital information.

The K2 Guardian System’s accessibility is exceptional, with doctors able to see results on their phone, tablet or computer, enabling them to read the results even outside the hospital.

Doctors can read the results in real time rather than relying on another clinician’s interpretation, thus decreasing the risk of miscommunication amongst hospital staff and ensuring accuracy of the reading.

This benefits both mother and baby, who can expect fewer disturbances with doctors having direct access to their results and the inclusion of a monitor placed within the nurse station.

St John of God Ballarat Hospital obstetrician, Dr Michael Bardsley says the new technology has brought great cohesion and enhanced internal communication to the maternity ward staff. Michael has been pleased with the way staff have embraced K2 Guardian System.

The K2 Guardian System brings great flexibility of use, enabling Michael to check his patient’s results anywhere at any time. Michael said he has full confidence in the new technology and says that the implementation and day to day use has been seamless.

St John of God Health Care will have the technology rolled out to all maternity hospitals within the group by November 2016.

Photography courtesy of The Courier, Ballarat.