The unit is one of the largest in the country, with 46 trials currently underway involving about 520 patients. It is also recognised as one of the top four clinical trials units nationally, and endeavours to offer patients comprehensive and evidence-based treatment options, which may not be available in other hospitals.

Oncologist and Head of Department Cancer Services, Dr Andrew Dean, said the hospital is committed to ensuring patients receive the most advanced, contemporary treatments, and minimising the impact of the disease on the community by contributing to the research and development of cancer treatments.

Dr Dean has seen the unit grow from a two-person team to a well-established and highly functioning unit. He works with a team of exceptional doctors, researchers and nurses, who are remarkably enthusiastic and committed to the trials. The progress made in the unit is reflective of the collaborative and hard work of the staff.

Dr Dean said the trials enable the hospital to provide patients with a different level of care and treatment, which in some cases are not made available publically for many years. Patients have been highly receptive, with around half of his patients opting to take part in clinical trials.

”It is an exciting time to be a part of oncology. My staff and I are all working towards the bigger picture to advance the fight against cancer and patient access to effective and innovative treatments,” he said.