This will be a year in which we seek to strengthen and deepen our culture, while improving the quality and safety of our services and the safety of our caregivers. And underpinning all of this will be an undertaking to ensure we have the appropriate enabling infrastructure and processes in place.

Mission Management Model Review Implementation

The implementation of recommendations from the Mission Management Model Review will ensure we have an appropriate and effective Mission management model for the next 10-15 years. The Trustees have endorsed a number of the recommendations, which will be progressively rolled out through the year.

Good to Great – Leading and Delivering Exceptional Care

This initiative, as part of our Good to Great journey, focuses on enhancing the safety and care of our patients, our number one strategic priority.

During the 2016/2017 year we will strengthen obstetric, midwifery and mental health safety systems, and implement a new electronic clinical incident reporting system to improve identification and action in relation to clinical risks.

Good to Great strategy – occupational health safety and wellness

The continued implementation of occupational health, safety and wellness initiatives as part of Good to Great will build on our current efforts to improve caregiver safety and achieve a high standard of safety performance.

During the 2016/17 years we will develop and implement a coaching program for CEOs and divisional management committee members about early intervention.

Theatres and procedural areas transformation

A pilot program at St John of God Murdoch Hospital identified a range of initiatives aimed at achieving holistic improvement of operating theatres and other procedural areas across our hospitals.

During 2016/17 we will implement changes for immediate benefit at St John of God Murdoch Hospital and other hospital sites, and start a review in at least two other hospitals.

Review of group learning and development approach and requirements

The continual development of our people is fundamental to our commitment to delivering exceptional care. During 2016/17 we will implement the recommendations of a review of group learning and development.

Implement clinical information system

Modern health service providers require reliable clinical information to deliver exceptional care and during 2016/17 we will call for tenders for the installation of the next phase in improvements to our clinical information system across St John of God Health Care.

Health Record Forms Standardisation Project

In preparation for the introduction of electronic medical records, we will complete the standardisation and rationalisation of all in-scope clinical forms during 2016/17.

Implement scanned health records at all acute care hospitals

Scanned health records have been implemented at St John of God Geelong and Midland Public and Private Hospitals and will be progressively rolled out to all other acute hospitals. During 2016/17 we will implement scanned health records at St John of God Murdoch and Ballarat Hospitals.

Business analytics and reporting transformation (BART) program

In 2016 we initiated our business analytics and reporting transformation program to ensure caregivers have easy and rapid access to the information they need to work effectively and efficiently.

This review and the initial design phases will be completed in 2016/17 after which we will begin an implementation program.

Commence rostering, time and attendance and payroll system project

During 2017/17 we will define the requirements and secure approval for implementation of a new system to simplify rostering, empower caregivers, enhance award interpretation and payroll functions, and support improved data quality and analytics.